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February 1 2016

Sweden’s Biografcentralen secures funding for groundbreaking cinema website

Sweden’s independent/arthouse cinema organisation Biografcentralen has received €485 000 from the Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery to set up a new major website. Its aim is to facilitate access to the country’s vast amount of small and independent cinemas.

Sweden has more than 300 cinemas operating outside the two main cinema chains, most of these located in suburbs, small towns and rural areas. In addition there are around 150 film festivals and film clubs across the country. The majority of these venues and events are small and independently run. To find out about their offer a number of websites have to be found and visited, and booking tickets online is often impossible.

The new website aims to change this. It will offer a “one stop shop” where all cinemas’ and festivals’ repertoires are displayed, making it possible for the audience to find out what is playing nearby, to discover new films, and to buy tickets. For the cinemas and festivals the website will offer a cost-effective way of being present online and having access to the latest technical features – something they often are not able to manage on their own.

The website will be developed in close dialogue with cinemas, film festivals and the audience, and a series of open industry consultations has just started. Today one such meeting took place at Göteborg Film Festival.

Jens Lanestrand, Managing Director, Biografcentralen:

– Our goal is to offer the cinemagoers a simple and inspiring way to find out about films and events at their local cinemas and film festivals. We hope it will increase audiences for all the amazing films that are out there, but sometimes difficult to find. One recurring comment we’ve received since launching this project is “Why hasn’t anyone done this yet?”

Angelica Månsson-Gerde, General Manager, Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery:
– Thanks to this initiative, the Swedish cinema audience will be able to discover more than 300 cinemas across the country and their vast offer of high quality film. We’re proud to support this project.

For more information, please contact:

Jens Lanestrand, Biografcentralen, + 46 761 99 33 80,

Founded in 2011, Biografcentralen is an organisation and resource for independent and arthouse cinemas in Sweden. Its activities include training, consultancy and distribution of high quality films, with a special focus on children’s films, classics and independent titles. For more information, please visit