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Biografcentralen is a nonprofit organization that began operations in June 2011 and has financial support from the Swedish Film Institute. The background for the establishment of a new industry organization for independent film and arthouse cinemas were interviews with exhibitors and distributors that took place in 2010. At these interviews and surveys calls were made for coordination and increased networking of the actors.

Biografcentralens goal is to provide arthouse cinemas needs by enhancing skills, strengthened international cooperation and exchange of ideas. This will in the long run improve the quality of the independent cinemas ability to reach out to a wider and bigger audience. The organization establish network meetings, finding common marketing strategies, provide some premiere setting and seek solutions to problems that arise in areas such as the digital technology.

Project selection:

DMC – Digital Marketing for Cinemas
An online training program by Biografcentralen – especially developed and tailored for Cinemas!
Read more at traindmc.com 

New website for cinemas and festivals
Biografcentralen received fundings from the Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery to set up a new major website to facilitate access to the country’s vast amount of small and independent cinemas.

Sweden has more than 300 cinemas operating outside the two main cinema chains, located in suburbs, small towns and the countryside. In addition there are around 150 film festivals and film clubs across the country. Most of these venues and events are small and independently run. Finding them online can be a challenge for audiences and booking tickets online is often impossible.

The new website that was launched December 2017 aims to change this. It offers a “one stop shop” where over 200 cinemas’ and festivals’ repertoires are displayed, making it possible for audiences to find out what’s playing nearby, to discover new films, and to buy tickets. Find it on www.bio.se

Wrap! Must see European Cinema for young people
Since 2015 Biografcentralen is taking part in a project funded by the Audience development-film literacy, from Creative Europe. Cinekid in The Netherlands is the coordinator of the project and other partners are: New Horizons in Poland, Espoo Cine in Finland, Film & Kino in Norway and Scottish Film Education in Scotland. To learn more about the project visit http://www.wrapfilms.eu/#

Alternative Digital Film Distribution System
With the support of Kulturbryggan* with 480 000 SEK (50 000 euro) Biografcentralen built an open, secure and effective digital file system. The system is up and running and is hosted by Folkets Bio Filmlager since 2015.

* Kulturbryggan (The Cultur Bridge) funds innovative cultural projects and is funded by the government.

Classical film distribution for Sweden
Together with Europes Finest, Park Circus and Hollywood Classics Biografcentralen is handling bookings and structure for classical films for all cinemas in Sweden. Among the titles distributed: Casablanca, Safety Last!, Vampyr, Nosferatu and Gone with the wind.

Finding new audiences for nordic children films – report August 2013
With the support from Nordisk kulturfond and Film & Kino (Norway), Biografcentralen has worked with a feasibility study aimed at using new digital opportunities to create new projects and actions that can strengthen the distribution and viewing of children films outside the country of production.
A seminar was held at BUFF Filmfestival in March 2013 and an excerpt with statistics is available for downloading here.
The report was presented at the Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund August 2013 with a panel of CEO´s and Chief of Productions from the Nordic Film Institutes.
The report which is in english, is available for downloading and order here!
You can watch the presentation and paneldebate from Haugesund here!

Unique work placement exchange project in the UK and Sweden 2012-2014
The Independent Cinema Office and Biografcentralen have formed a partnership which will identify 15 exhibitors from Swedish arthouse cinemas and their counterparts in the UK for work placements, job shadowing and training.
The project will provide a unique opportunity for exhibitors to exchange best practice internationally in terms of cultural film programming, audience development, marketing, business models and strategic development.
The ICO and Biografcentralen hope to arrange a reciprocal exchange of UK exhibitors to Sweden in future years following this pilot.
Read more about the project in an interview on Europa Cinema website: http://www.europa-cinemas.org/en/News/The-Network/Work-placement-exchange-project-between-independent-exhibitors-in-the-UK-and-Sweden

The award “Best children cinema” of the year
In 2013 Biografcentralen initiates a new cinema award of 15 000 SKR that goes to a cinema who has been succesful and innovative screening arthouse films for children and young people.
The award is a cooperation together with BUFF Filmfestival, The Swedish Film Directors Association, The Swedish Society of Cinemaphotographers, and Association of Regional Filmfunds.
Read more about the award on Europa Cinema website: http://www.europa-cinemas.org/en/News/The-Network/Children-s-Cinema-of-the-Year-in-Sweden-Interview-with-Jens-Lanestrand-and-Louise-Leghammar

A new website for quality films www.barnbio.se
In 2013 we launch a new website with information about quality films for children and young people. There has been a lack for a nationwide website about films and where they can be seen.

The world’s best children’s film
Together with BUFF, the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö, we distribute children films that earlier had no distribution for cinemas in Sweden. The films are a part of a new concept called “BUFF on tour”.
The films are:
Zarafa by Rémi Bezançon & Jean-Christophe Lie, France 2012
Gattu by Rajan Khosa, India 2012
Approved for adoption by Jung Henin & Laurent Boileau, France/Belgium 2012
On the Sly by Olivier Ringer, Belgium/France 2011
Iris by Ulrika Bengts, Finland/Sweden 2011
Stay! by Lourens Blok, The Netherlands 2011
Totally True Love by Anne Sewitsky, Norway 2011

Our board

Hjalmar Palmgren
Consultant. Earlier film consultant among others, manager for Filmstöd and senior advisor at Filminstitutet Stockholm

Ann-Sofie Lindahl Navarro
Administrative manager at Pop House Sweden, earlier teller at Docktors without borders and CEO at Strömma Group

Lisa Taube
Executive Director at Tempo Documentary Festival Stockholm.

Olle Agebro
Content Manager Draken Film, Göteborg Film Festival

Amalia Linninger
Exhibitor Arenan Karlstad

Ulf Andersson-Greek
Film Coordinator Stockholm


Rasmus Mandel
Authorised accountant
Finnhammars Revisionsbyrå

Cinemas in our network:

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